oM stuff + hipster friends

Hey, dearest fans of of Montreal,

First off, there's a contest where you can win some super neat of Montreal stuff (shirts (designed by Nina, who else), tote bags, a paper lamp?) as well as James's solo album on fancy vinyl. You only have 'till tomorrow morning though, but all you need to do is write why you love of Montreal.

There's also a sale on a large portion of oM's discography (as well as some t-shirts and, my favourite piece of band merch, cute and versatile buttons, no Cherry Peel though )': ) at the Polyvinyl Record store, most of the vinyl isn't on sale but Hissing Fauna on CD is an extremely fair $8, so if you need a gift for someone (or for yourself), I think this is a good opportunity to buy something that will make people go 'Wha-?' at first before they come to love it deeply and feel forever indebted to you for introducing them to such a magical magical thing.

oh and look at these fucking hipsters:

Our brosephs Andy and Ben and co. are up for some Grammys so if you are not so emotionally invested in award shows and the victory of your favourite music artists over all that other trash to the extent that you will throw objects at a television if they win/lose then I suggest you watch. Or if you are that way, you should watch too. You can always buy another tv.

There's also some voting going on at NME.com so if you care about that trashy shit go vote for them there too.

ETA: In my own opinion this comm is not dead as it is more or less run by me and Mel and we don't always have time as well as the fact it has been a dry season as touring has ended and both bands are more or less working on new material (though oM kick off their tour either today or tomorrow... or yesterday), but I was wondering what you guys would think of a twitter account for this com, so you could get news about stuff like contests and all that a bit more instantly? idk, i won't do it if no one cares. BUT THEN AGAIN DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THIS PLACE?



First of all, Ben, dat ass, dat sparkly ass. ALSO AW WITH THE PUPPETS AND HIS GF AW AW.

James and Will clearly have some sort of musical bromance going on they are always practicing shit between takes, see Yo Gabba Gabba Behind the Scenes video

I love the director guy (am sure he did Kids and Time To Pretend? Maybe not TTP?), he looks like a cross between the dude from Vampire Weekend (EZRA?) and Demetri Martin and uh five other people.

Also that lady... When it turned out she was actually the kid's mom I was like, 'wtf' because she sure doesn't act like it, and the kid's handler is all like, 'Yell like you would yell at Daddy' so I have a feeling this is one of those situation where the nanny fills in the mother role of a working woman.