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fairytaleofhurt's Journal

Let's pretend we don't exist
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MGMT and of Montreal fan community of love
"A silver lining on a black scale
Wicked hunter on three hooves he still rode
But where is the fourth?
You can climb there
To your lofty perch
It can teach you the fairytale of hurt"

"Now, a man loving a woman
That's a very common thing
Common but beautiful all the same
Still there's something so neat
Something so extraordinarily sweet
With a man who's in love with a man"

hola senors y senoritas
Welcome to fairytaleofhurt, the most magical internet haven for all things of Montreal and MGMT, specifically created for shotglasscandy and her Andrew/Kevin needs. This is a general fan community but we more than encourage the posting of your creative outlets such as fan art or fiction, for you are most welcome in to our world of sparkly eye shadow, way too many mushrooms, and baby animal love.

Specific things to remember:

1. Respek is important, this may be the internet where haterade flows as freely as The Nile during the inundation season, but let us all recall the hippie love rules of the past: Peace, love and grass or something. Internet-fandom-wank wars are over if you want it.
2. Cut for long blocks of text to not inconvenience any watchers, as well as with NSFW things. People in the office want to be sure they only look at porn when their boss isn't looking.
3. No stupid drama or gossip. Discussing the bands' personal lives isn't suggested, but if you do don't go overboard with it.
4. Spread the love around

stuff we like
1. Fan fiction that is anyway related to MGMT or of Montreal
2. Arts and general media. If you have any shiny paintings, pretty photos, icons, whatever, do share...
3. Band stuff Videos, reviews, music sharing, articles, photos, etc etc. Also we all love amusing videos of Kevin speaking words that somehow never made sense before.

relavent to your interests
oM Youtube Channel
Kevin's twitter
Kevin's blog

mgmt_slash For your slightly more specific needs.

All the real persons mentioned are not copyright anyone here, and we are not making any money off of pimping Andrew.

This was initially intended to be a slash community. If you are somehow offended by boy-on-boy/band-on-band/Andrew-on-Kevin/synthesizer-on-synthesizer action then we apologize for any mental scarring, but just be aware there is questionable content hidden in plain sight. Also weird fan-girl/boying. Be afraid.

To contact the mods (silenceincities and shotglasscandy) if you have any questions or concerns, please do so via the mod post. o:

Header by shotglasscandy



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